Our goal is to make the highest quality wine.  In our efforts to achieve that goal we have developed a process that allows us to ensure that each batch of wine is fresh, crisp and full of flavor.  Our small batch concept allows us to control the quality of each wine and limit overuse of chemicals.

We have developed 4 basic lines of wine.

  1. The First Miracle Winery labels are varietals such as Moscato, Chardonnay, Riesling, Merlot and blends of Red or White wines.  The wines are processed in accordance with the true grape characterizes.    We carefully age the varietal on the appropriate type of oak to bring out the best flavor.  These wines are meant to be paired and enjoyed with your favorite meal.
  1. Our Goldie’s Vineyard ( a tradename) line of wines are wine based wines with fruit.  These wines are named Rebakah fell off her Camel, Noah’s blanket, Rachels Tent, and Lot’s wife looked back, just to name a few.  The names of these wines are Biblically based and are primarily come from stories in the Torah.  These wines are light and fruity and we like to call them our back porch sitting wines.
  1. Desert wines are our third category of wines.  The names of these wines are Strolling on the Beach (salted caramel), Black Forest, Red Velvet and Candy Cane, just to name a few.  These wines are about 18 to 20 percent alcohol.  They are a smooth, favorable, soft port wine.  They taste exactly like their names.  They are meant to be enjoyed after dinner.
  1. Our 4th type of wine are the ice wines.  These are named Absalom on the Roof and Miriam will dance.    The wine is developed from grapes that were frozen on the vine before being harvested.  The wines are complex and full of many flavors.


Our tasting room is available for rental during week nights.  You can schedule your event or party.

We offer our 5 for $5 (a tasting of 5 wines and you keep the Goldie’s Vineyard or First Miracle Glass) or you can purchase by the bottle or by the case for your event.

The facility can be rented for weddings or engagement parties.  It is the perfect place for a company outing.

Specialized labeling:

You can choose your favorite wine and purchase it before it is started.  It will be your own personal batch.   Then you can participate in making the wine, and bottling it.  You can put a picture on the label of things like an engagement picture or your favorite pet.   When the wine is ready for bottling and labeling you can invite your guests to participate in the process.